Catsacks of the Cosmic Variety


It was no day out of the ordinary, I was still waking up, but when I took the elevator up to my surface platforms, there they were! The silver army had descended unto my house like a plague.

They had taken 3mil out of my bank account, so I had to have vengeance.
I invited some random people over to watch the event, and a visitor by the name “Drrabbit” reminded me that by purging the catsacks, I had a chance of summoning the COSMIC CATSACK.

It was my time.

One by one the catsacks flattened to the ground, turning into gold bars, pianos, tvs, you name it. Some even had a golden catsack inside, like a kinder egg. 9 Golds I counted after the 300 silvers had been eradicated.

Drrabbit begun the happy song for good luck, and with that the first catsack was…

( play this for dramatic effect)



But wait I still have 8 more to open

ok yeah I got 2 cool

sorry for the dumb post but I felt like wasting 3mil to atleast try
ALSO sorry for any grammar stuff

I got 2 Cosmic Catsacks in a row!

You got two cosmics with just 3 million? I’m sitting here on 13 million watching people report 10 million unit drops with zero cosmic results, hesitant to even attempt to get a second. I thought I was lucky getting my first with a few million, you are incredibly lucky.


oh so thats why i never get gold catsacks