Catsack QuickScale Artwork

You͟ ̛k̷n̴ow no̸t͝ wh̛at ͠y̶ou̢ ͞h̸av̛e d̛on̢e̡, ̢M͢orţal

So uh, I hadn’t painted anything in about 3 months, and suddenly as soon as I booted up TU, I had the urge to paint again, granted not a very detailed one. So today, my friends, we celebrate the Quick-Scale tool. Finally making that Apocalypse of Catsacks joke a reality


Now that is some nice art!
You’re doing great with this beautiful Art.

He… he’s beautiful…

This just feels so majestic, like it needs to be on some ancient tapestry or something, like a mural

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This needs to be canon


I̡mpl͘y͡i҉n͜g͜ ̨I͡t͠’s ̵n͢ot…

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Put it on the wall for the Bone Zone 2018 edition. I am willing to feature on the show

It is cannon is if you visit my condo :wink:
Catsack-God’s everywhere

Someone needs to recreate this with a cosmic catsack for maximum majesticness.

Already did :sweat_smile: click the hyperlink
Unless you mean this exact scene in game, then I call on anyone with a cosmic to do so

Yeah I did mean to recreate it in-game :slight_smile:

I haven’t watched evangelion yet, is this spoilers?

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Funny you mention that…
I literally took the colour palette from the ending.