Catsack Player Clothing Art

I was drawing a li’l something something for a new piece and I was suddenly inspired to make this. A lil’ concept design for Catsack related player clothing, to match the Catsack on the player’s back.

The beanie ended up looking like the already existing Cat beanie but, oh well

And I mean, what better way to worship the almighty Catsack God


this might be a workshop kind of thing

I just love how uncomfortable your player looks here. That being said, I’d totally want this in-game. The more catsack gear, the better.

Wouldn’t mind if this became official merch either.

Has anyone stopped to question why all of us have this really strange and unhealthy obsession with catsacks all hail our mighty catsack God

Shhh They might hear you.


( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) Yes