Catsack Odds Changed

For context, I bought 1,000,000 Units in silver catsacks and opened them just hours before they buffed the odds for getting rare items. Right as I was rendering my video of opening them, too. Why, Mac… Why?

(The new odds are much better, by the way. It’s pretty noticeable. The 100 I opened had mostly unit bags, now there’s much more valuables every time I open a bunch of them.)


rip ma dude

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Wait, the odds changed?
Awww, kinda liked the old ones

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They ruined the rare items with better odds? Okay. also rip people who opened a bunch of catsacks including me :frowning:

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Shouldn’t be a huge problem considering how rich you are…

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i spent 1.8 mil before the odds changed ;_;

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If they buff the odds again i want a fucking refund…

Edit: When you comment on a dead thread without realising it