Category voting in trivia games

I had an idea for an interesting way to spice up the Trivia game in the arcade. Let plays pick what question category they will want in their game, as well as keeping the option for random categories. When I play Trivia with my friends, most games we often get loads of questions about things none of us know, and ends up with most of us trying to guess, and for me it can be a bit frustrating. I think that letting players choose what kinds of questions they want or voting for one will let players have more control over what kinds of questions they find in their games

I agree. At least when I don’t know science stuff it makes me feel like I should study up. When it’s nonstop anime trivia, and I don’t even watch tv shows much less anime, it feels really unfair.

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maybe have a pre game vote of everyone playing (pick one of the x number of categories)