Category selector for trivia

this seems like a good idea to me, i personally find it kinda irritating if i suddenly only get questions about politics or something.
you could do a vote segment for the category before the questions start

While it seems like a good idea in theory, Everyone would always pick either “Videogames” or “Anime”.

I agree with you, every time politics or geography comes up I have no idea what the answer is, but that’s the fun of trivia.


Maybe some rounds called Themed Rounds

It wouldn’t work very well because you’d be voting on a category and what happens to the one or 2 guys that got out-voted? Now they are forced to play nothing but a category they have zero interest in. I agree it sucks when you get hit with those kinds of questions, but it keeps it a balanced playfield for every interest (usually).

Maybe instead of a vote, there could be periodic events where the trivia rooms have specific categories for a couple games. It could just be one of the two rooms so people can still play regular trivia if they wanted as well.


Now that I like

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I can agree with that one

That sounds like a great idea. Could probably be tied into the Plaza Events system. Like “Go to Trivia Room 2 for Video Game Trivia” or something like that

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Yeah that’s pretty much what I envisioned as well. I imagine these kinds of events would happen often enough that each category would be given time to shine once every several hours.

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You should suggest this on the random events megathread

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I would but that thread hasn’t had a post in a long time and I’d rather not necro it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, true. They aren’t against necroing if you have something useful to add but a lot of people don’t take kindly to it.

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Just a quick insert, megathreads are totally fine to necro. The point of megathreads are to keep all ideas that pertain to that one idea category (?) in one place, and it sorta feels like a giant brainstorm, just looking through it all.

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I agree with this but the last time someone posted in the random events megathread, they immediately got called out for necroing

Please ignore or report them for attacking people. I cannot express how much easier it is for us to find things if they are on the same topic. As long as people contribute meaningful conversation related to the topic they bump - it is good for everyone.

I am going to be starting full development on events next week, so bumping the thread would be great timing.


Just bumped it and added @M2TheT 's suggestion

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Do you really think the TU community lacks diversity that much? After all, someone has had to submit questions to the other categories, too.