Categorize fish by size

Would be nice to search up my fish by small or large that way I know what aquarium they go in before trying to shove a huge one in a small tank. Also escape menu Inventory needs a category for fish.

The ‘Pet’ section contains almost all of the fish, it has a bit more than that (actual pets, crabs) but it’s got most of them.

I noticed the ‘Plants’ section has my blue sea urchin, so I assume a few other things go there too.

I do agree though, a category with all of the fishing items (fish, junk, etc) would be nice. Cause the junk doesn’t look like it’s in the junk category.

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I don’t have a pet category?

That’s interesting. Do you not own one of the buyable pets? That seems like a pretty big oversight.

Looking at the categories, though, I think they’re due for a reworking eventually.

Those categories are for the inventory that’s in the pause menu/main menu. That inventory needs to be reworked. The new inventory in your condo (by holding Q), has a lot better filters such as Animals.

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Yeah I don’t. Not interested in them.

Yeah it’s just I don’t have access to that menu when I’m actually fishing and I want to look at all my fish.

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