Catch Up Mechanics?

Hi all

Been playing a fair bit of accelerate with some friends, loving it so far, feels great, just wanted to suggest a catch up mechanic just like another certain Kart racing game exclusive to a certain console that Rhymes with Fernando. For example last place has a higher top speed than first place to help keep alot of the racing grouped together as ive found that players can easily end up too far back to get involved

What does everybody else think?


Lower-placed players already get plenty of boost-type items (triple melons, gold melon, moon power, flux) to help offset their placement. I don’t think further mechanics are needed, particularly since getting multiple of things like flux or moon power in a row are already extremely strong.


I think the system they have at the moment works quite well to catch up to people (Getting Cards that allow to be faster and not Cards like Drunk, Bumper etc) But I think that this could be a mutator that they can add if the Host wants it. The only time I would see this if someone joins mid-match but that’s a whole separate problem that they have.

Note: Was writing this same time as CarbonCopyCat


If you’re lagging far, far behind in a race as Mentaux described, single-use speed boost items become truly worthless. This is a scenario where catch up could be utilised.