Cassette, Jewel Case and Vinyl variations & their respective players for Physics-al Media items

I always find it a bit strange that the closest suitable physical media format for music with physics-al media items are plain ol’ CDs that would definitely be scratched up all strewn about outside of their cases. With the jewel case, cassette and vinyl album items already existing ingame, wouldn’t it make sense to have them be available for the physics-al media model variations?

I also find it a bit more strange that we’re chucking those CDs at TVs instead of at CD players when most of the time the songs we play have static backgrounds of album art instead of videos which got me thinking…
Wouldn’t it be cool to see those CDs spin through the window of a blobby Y2K stereo? Or to watch the pattern of a record as it spun on a turntable? Or to see the tape reels of an old boombox run through your cassette? What about one of those old all-in-one home stereo systems?
I’m not sure how feasible transferring canvas data is between two separate objects, but I think these additions would add a little more immersion to playing music in your condo.

I was thinking about this too, having vinyl variations and others would be neat, maybe also a CD media player as well, would help for a fun y2k vibe in condos too