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[ul][li]The Casino - Phase 1[/li][li]Jetpack is now predicted. Jetpack will no longer be really glitchy when being used[/li][li][/li][li][/li][li]Implement level streaming for Plaza (phase 2, Game World Ports, etc.)[/li][li]Reduced the “waiting for players” timer to 5 seconds (from 10 seconds) when everyone is ready to play[/li][li]Minigolf: If everyone has clicked “finished” (the X button) on the customize window, it’ll automatically end customize so people don’t wait forever[/li][li]Planet Panic: At the end of each round all players have their team scrambled[/li][li]Planet Panic: Team select automatically ends in 3 seconds if everyone has selected a team[/li][li]You can play Planet Panic with 2 players now (instead of 4)[/li][li]You can now block other player’s chat messages[/li][li]Virus: Adrenaline C prompt is now on the HUD[/li][li]Player user bar now shows tags first instead of ping to align pings[/li][li]Minigolf scoreboard aligns all names by accounting the width of the flag icon (finished or not)[/li][li][/li][li]Added key support for rotating inventory items[/li][li]Added support for rebinding leaving drivables (instruments, slot machines, games, etc.)[/li][li]Added support for rebinding the backer item “Golden Watch”[/li][li]Added support for rebinding Trivia and Slots shortcuts[/li][li]Added adjustable grid snapping for item movement[/li][li]You can now display FPS through a graphics settings option[/li][li]Added “READY”…“GO!” to Ball Race before the round starts so players can have a chance to be ready[/li][li]Added location text to the left of player chat in Plaza so you can tell where people are[/li][li]You can now sit on more of the seats in the Plaza (casino, casino lobby, bowling, beach chairs, etc.)[/li][li]Added “clear search” button to the search bar in stores[/li][li]Added chat sounds (from GMT) with option to disable them in the sound settings[/li][li]Added Parental Control: Disable chat[/li][li]Added Parental Control: Profanity filter[/li][li]Added setting to disable Lobby crosshair[/li][li]Added setting to disable Lobby HUD[/li][/ul]

Games Available

[ul][li]Spin To Win[/li][li]Texas Hold’em[/li][li]Video Poker[/li][li]Double or Nothing[/li][li]Slots - Triple Diamond[/li][li]Slots - Wheel of Money[/li][li]Slots - Grand Quest[/li][li][/li][li][/li][/ul]

Bug Fixes

[ul][li]Misc bug fixes from testing[/li][li]Fixed Boxing Ring item being massive in the store pedestal[/li][li]Fixed ping colors being inaccurate[/li][li]Fixed sombrero not showing up in Minigolf[/li][li]Fixed in-game notifications not showing up properly while in the pause menu[/li][li]Fixed various walls, ceilings etc. from not being editable in the Condo[/li][li]Fixed the splash effect from occurring in some of the holes on Waterhole[/li][li]Fixed the issue where you would sometimes be randomly thrown into the air on the speed boost of the last level of GLXY[/li][li]Fixed not being able to pause while using Piano, Drumset, Slot Machines, etc[/li][li]Fixed being able to unfreeze yourself in Virus by pressing the pause menu on and off[/li][li]Fixed pocket effect lagging (really bad for lower end computers) in Minigolf[/li][li]Ball Race: The camera (for all non-hosts) will now face the correct angle when first spawning[/li][li]Fixed Transit Station location not showing up[/li][li]Fixed ping not displaying for dedicated Lobby servers[/li][/ul]

New Items

[ul][li]Added Wood Wardrobe[/li][li]Added Wood Bookshelf[/li][li]Added Wood Coffee Table[/li][li]Added Wood Dresser[/li][li]Added Wood Round Table[/li][li]Added PBB Trash Can[/li][li]Added PBB Stool[/li][li]Added PBB Coffee Table[/li][li]Added PBB Dresser[/li][li]Added PBB End Table[/li][li]Added PBB End Table Capped[/li][li]Added PBB Desk[/li][li]Added PBB Dresser Capped[/li][li]Added PBB Desk Capped[/li][li]Added PBB Coffee Table Capped[/li][li]Added PBB Wardrobe[/li][li]Added PBB Wardrobe Capped[/li][li]Added PBB Bookshelf[/li][li]Added PBB Bookshelf Capped[/li][li]Added Wall Torch[/li][li]Added Hula Doll[/li][li]Added Cactus[/li][li]Added Garden Flamingo[/li][li]Added Bubble Gun[/li][li]Added Waffle[/li][li]Added Potato[/li][li]Added Piggy Bank[/li][li]Added Ancient Jar[/li][li]Added Grandfather Clock[/li][li]Added Bubble Machine[/li][li]Added Laser Projector[/li][li]Added Wooden Hot Tub[/li][/ul]

Before Ship

[ul][li]Build[/li][li]Test[/li][li]Write Changelog[/li][li]Deploy[/li][/ul]


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O BOI!@!!odne1!!11!111




It’s coming, boys!


We can lose our units gambling for a big jackpot, :slight_smile: If you’re lucky enough


An update to look forward to :yum:


whoaly shit


Hype train leaving the station! Woot woot!




Sorry to post this, but i’m slowly being impatient.

I’m dissapointed how they will not bring Video Poker back.

Oh, Thanks. @_Kpazz_Smokey_Mcpot


They are bringing it back
Edit: At the bottom, Phase 3
Edit: No problem @TrappingGull :slight_smile:


(the update is not a new kernel version but the number thing still applies


[ul][li]“Slots - Triple Diamond” has been checked off on the “Games Available” checklist.[/li][li]“Slots - Wheel of Money” has been checked off on the “Games Available” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“You can now block other player’s chat messages” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“” has been checked off on the “Games Available” checklist.[/li][li]“” has been checked off on the “Games Available” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Happy birthday, bot! If only you could feel emotions.


The only emotion he feels is pain.