Casino slot machine timeout

When the prompt about being AFK and to press the displayed key to continue playing, i had accidentally pressed the wrong key and got kicked off the slot machince and my characters items got unequiped. Would it be a good idea to have a secondary display key incase the first key is incorrect. For example, if told to press “F” and you accidentally press another key, it would change the displayed key (F) to another key and asks to “try again”. I think that would be helpful for some players such as me and others with maybe a warn-out keyboard that is hard to read


I play in the dark so finding the right key takes some time, sometimes. I know that I can feel for the key with an indention but I always get lost and stuff, it would be helpful and extra secure if the key changed every now and again

I just thought having a second chance would be nice just incase I hit the wrong key the first time. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes has a little trouble to find the right key sometimes.

Doesn’t the casino machine already do that? It gives you a second chance if you miss the first key.

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The anti-macro gives you two chances with the same key. So, if you hit it wrong once, you get another chance at the same key.