Casino Silver Saddles BUG, I won too much credits that I should've not deserved

I won a huge amount of credits that I should’ve not deserve, and at the same time, I lost some of my credits when I placed bets on Silver Saddles.(with pictures)

Steps to Reproduce

I bet 26000 credits on horse race(Silver Saddles), and the system showed I spent 74000 credits, instead of 26000.

When the results came out, I actually won 8550 credits, and it showed that I won 1091450 credits, and I did received these ammount of credits which I should’ve not deserve

What I expected to happen

I should spent 26000 credits when I put my bets on, and won 8550 credits when the results out,instead of spent 74000 and won a million. And now I don’t know I should spend this million or not.

What happened

I have no idea how this bug triggered, it seems the Silver Saddles got a lots of bug these days and I just want to report this bug benefits me which I do not wish for, I shouldn’t won a million credits that I don’t deserve.

Notes / Media

Pictures have been given. :3

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