Casino Rennovations

Alright, so I know this is a pretty hotly debated topic and has probably been suggested before, but I wanted to throw my 1-and-a-half cents on this.

The current casino interior…is rather lackluster.

What I’m suprised about, to be honest, is despite the level of detail that was put into making Lobby 3 as nice as possible on release, was that most of the building interiors remained the same. In the case of Bowling and Laser Tag, it really wasn’t an issue as their exteriors were the same. But the Casino was a vast exception.

The Casino interior has remained the exact same from Lobby 2. Almost zero improvements have been made, other than some updated textures. Its rediculously large, it doesn’t fit the exterior at all, and is often a pain to walk through.

The Goal of Lobby 3 was to make the Plaza smaller and more accessable for players both in terms of positioning and preformance. Therefore the Casino needs to have the same treatment.

Here’s what I propose: Rennovate and redesign the Casino interior to have multiple floors in a circular shape. In front of it all is a desk where you can exchange units for Chips and vice versa, with 1 Chip being 5 units. Behind the desk is the main area, which is sunken down a half-level, and contains Poker and Texas Hold em tables. A Staircase leads to the 2nd floor, where the Slot machines are located, positioned in a circle split into 3, each section being a different machine.

The Third Floor can have other, newer Casino attractions, which I’ll leave to the Devs’ discrescion. Off to the 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock of the first floor are 2 rooms, one containing the Spin to Win machines, and another containing another game, possibly Double or nothing.

The High-stakes Poker room will be located on the top floor of the casino, in an elegant room with a full view of the plaza and beach.

All in all the building will be much tighter, much easier to travel around in, and most of all, very visually appealing.

If you have any ideas to add, plop em down below! But thanks for taking the time to read all this lol.


It doesn’t suck ass. Infact I consider it one of the best parts of the Plaza despite its age. Its missing some parts from further Casino games to be made, and a couple bits need to be tuned. But its in a perfectly good position right now and does not need to be renovated.


I have to respectfully disagree with you, @Lifeless. I feel that the current design of the casino leave a bit to be desired. Granted it is nostalgic but it feels too spaceous and I think a more circular or concentric design would benifit it.

Also the fact that the interior and exterior doesn’t match bothers me to some degree.

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Well if you respectively disagree, don’t say it sucks ass. Literally isn’t helpful to any degree.


Seriously man. Like, we’re all about criticism because it really does allow us to make informed decisions about what people want, but saying shit like “It sucks ass” only brings us down, especially if it’s from a long-time community member. That really sucks ass.


Fair enough, @Will and @Lifeless. I retract my ass-sucking then, but I will still stand on the point that I find it to be rather lackluster and oversized, and that the mismatching between interior and exterior is a huge hitch in terms of immersion that throws my OCDs out of whack.

I think it makes sense given general casino design based on what I saw in Vegas.