Casino Phase 2



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New Games

  • Blackjack
  • 5-Card Draw
  • Silver Saddles (Horse Race)
  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Bingo


  • Blackjack: Rules code
  • Roulette: Bet selection UI
  • Roulette: Bet calculations
  • Roulette: Board UI
  • Roulette: 3D chip displaying
  • Roulette: Game loop
  • Roulette: Camera
  • Roulette: Spinning simulation
  • Roulette: HUD
  • Roulette: Networking other player’s chips
  • Roulette: Adjusting chip bet worth
  • Roulette: Showing what the last 5 results were
  • Roulette: Chip discard/management
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Game loop
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Bet selection screen
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Main results screen
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Camera
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Horse racing simulation
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Networking who won
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Placement bet
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Horse names and win/lose ratios
  • Silver Saddles (horse race): Win/lose ratio logic and calculation
  • Bingo: Generating card
  • Bingo: Selecting numbers on card
  • Bingo: Displaying card
  • Bingo: Calling numbers
  • Bingo: Screen
  • Bingo: Checking for bingos
  • Bingo: Game loop
  • Bingo: Game setup
  • Bingo: Multi card support
  • Bingo: Buying cards
  • Blackjack: Game loop
  • Blackjack: Display who won/bust
  • Blackjack: Dealer AI
  • 5-Card Draw: Rules code
  • 5-Card Draw: Handle players selecting and discarding their cards in UI
  • 5-Card Draw: Compare and rank players
  • Blackjack: Compare and award players
  • Blackjack: Display dealer hand, but only 1 card until reveal
  • 5-Card Draw: Game loop
  • Keno: Replication
  • Keno: Display winning numbers
  • Keno: Placing bets
  • Keno: Idle screen
  • Keno: Game loop
  • Bingo: Display who got bingo
  • Bingo: Cover all round
  • Card based games: New card gameplay manager (needed to expand the available card-based games to the Casino)
  • Blackjack: Natural blackjack handling
  • Blackjack: Double handling
  • Blackjack: Speed up round state between games, so players don’t have to wait 5 seconds between each card draw
  • “How to Play” info setup for all games, including existing
  • Updated Poker hand ranking graphic with numbers showing which hand would rank the best
  • Setup Achievements
  • Fix remaining gameplay testing bugs
  • Bingo: Networked selections to other players (now you can see what other players have selected on their cards)
  • Bingo: You can now join during the game at any time and play (even during an ongoing game)
  • Horse Betting: You can now join during betting and make a bet, even if the bet round already started
  • Spin to Win: Paddle is now physically simulated
  • Horse Betting: Horse numbers are now displayed on the horses themselves
  • Roulette: Bet ratios for each type of bet is now shown as you hover over a bet
  • Horse Betting: You can now see what other horses players have bet on directly on the bet UI

Art Checklist

  • Roulette wheel table
  • Blackjack table
  • Casino interior lighting improvements
  • Horse Race Betting art
  • Roulette Sign
  • 5-Card Draw Sign
  • Blackjack Sign
  • Poker table art pass
  • Horse Race Betting illustrative art
  • Bingo room
  • Billiards room
  • Roulette Logo
  • Bingo Logo
  • Horse Race Logo
  • Keno Logo
  • Bingo room sign
  • Billiards room sign
  • Horse Race betting horse designs/art
  • Horse Race betting horse models
  • Silver Saddles (horse race) horse animations
  • Casino main room art pass
  • Poker room art pass


  • 2nd S2W wheel art
  • 2nd S2W items
  • S2W room art pass
  • Special new prize


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Crap, no craps. :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh, sweet. Was really hoping for Keno. Noice


wish it would be like buying lottery tickets to buy multiple lines at once. .-.

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  • “Bingo room” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Billiards room” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.

mmm. i desire a Glimpse…

  • “Casino interior lighting improvements” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.

Cant wait for this! So excited thanks Dev Team for doing an awesome job!

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good to know. if these games only come with basic gameplay, then it will quickly become boring and won’t keep up players for long enough. if you are a streamer, you will likely understand it more.

regarding arcade

i saw Arcade Phase 1 pumped the online players to the record-high, but i believe that it didn’t stay well a month later. same goes to phase 2, the number of online players was so high in the arcade centre that coin pushers used to be hard to queue, yet barely seeing players a week later. after this reply, i will create a thread explaining the in-depth problems.

therefore, when the casino is going to be updated, please have as many ways to play the same game as possible.

for horse racing, it should have as many common betting methods as possible as seen in real life.

  1. results should be like periodical, odds should be pari-mutuel if possible.
  2. set up as many ways to play as possible. as said, tierce (betting on 3 exact places), forecast (2 exact places), continuous trios (win a jackpot for continuously guessing the 3 places right), multiple wins (guessing the winners right for continuous races) etc.
    if you end up only having basic betting methods like win, place, reverse forecasts, etc. the game will be far less appealing due to its lack of interesting ways to bet.
  3. for thriving purposes, it’s better to have more horses in a race to bet with. like 16+ horses at once.
  4. there is no escape for various jackpots in order to excite players.

for keno, i strongly suggest having it a passive event like drawing once per 5 minutes. during a certain period, you should be able to place bets as tickets and receive the results. no escape for jackpots either, just like lotteries. on the other hand, various odd tables should be made to fulfil players’ risk preferences.

for roulette, i have already mentioned in here. i swear only having one variant will be like playing roulette all the time in the same way and becomes boring over time.

for bingo, i know that most likely the US variants will be used. however, winning patterns based on fun shapes will be better. like horse racing and keno, a jackpot is needed. A bingo event can be created where a bonus amount of dividends is added to the stake.

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I have been waiting for blackjack since this was announced, but no progress at all on the coding… how much longer do we have to wait?

Progress is being made in the background. Programming is still being done for Phase 2.

We are currently working on the next update that contains a surprise connectivity update, after that Phase 2 will be pushed to be released.

We don’t check off things on Trello until they are feature complete, so if you don’t see any updates it doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on, it just hasn’t been completed yet. For example, Blackjack code has been worked on but it’s not done yet, so it’s not ready to be checked off.

We currently only have 4 programmers, 2 of which are currently very busy with backend work. We are looking to hire more programmers in March.

  • “Roulette Logo” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Horse Race Logo” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
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  • The checklist "Programming Checkpoint has been re-named to “Programming”.
  • “Keno Logo” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Bingo Logo” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Roulette: Bet selection UI” has been checked off on the “Programming” checklist.
  • “Roulette: Bet calculations” has been checked off on the “Programming” checklist.
  • “Roulette: Board UI” has been checked off on the “Programming” checklist.
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  • “Horse Race Betting illustrative art” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
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  • “2nd S2W wheel art” has been un-checked on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “2nd S2W wheel art” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Poker table art pass” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Roulette Sign” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
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  • “Bingo room sign” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
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