Casino Phase 2



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Final Checklist

  • Blackjack
  • 5-Card Draw
  • Horse Race Betting
  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Billiards
  • Bingo

Programming Checkpoint

  • Blackjack programming
  • 5-Card Draw programming
  • Roulette programming
  • Casino billiards implementation
  • TBA #1 programming
  • TBA #2 programming

Art Checklist

  • Roulette wheel table
  • Blackjack table
  • Casino interior lighting improvements
  • Horse Race Betting art
  • Roulette Sign
  • 5-Card Draw Sign
  • Blackjack Sign
  • Poker table art pass
  • Horse Race Betting illustrative art
  • Bingo room
  • Billiards room

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • TBA


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Crap, no craps. :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh, sweet. Was really hoping for Keno. Noice

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wish it would be like buying lottery tickets to buy multiple lines at once. .-.

  • “Bingo room” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.
  • “Billiards room” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.

mmm. i desire a Glimpse…

  • “Casino interior lighting improvements” has been checked off on the “Art Checklist” checklist.

Cant wait for this! So excited thanks Dev Team for doing an awesome job!

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good to know. if these games only come with basic gameplay, then it will quickly become boring and won’t keep up players for long enough. if you are a streamer, you will likely understand it more.

regarding arcade

i saw Arcade Phase 1 pumped the online players to the record-high, but i believe that it didn’t stay well a month later. same goes to phase 2, the number of online players was so high in the arcade centre that coin pushers used to be hard to queue, yet barely seeing players a week later. after this reply, i will create a thread explaining the in-depth problems.

therefore, when the casino is going to be updated, please have as many ways to play the same game as possible.

for horse racing, it should have as many common betting methods as possible as seen in real life.

  1. results should be like periodical, odds should be pari-mutuel if possible.
  2. set up as many ways to play as possible. as said, tierce (betting on 3 exact places), forecast (2 exact places), continuous trios (win a jackpot for continuously guessing the 3 places right), multiple wins (guessing the winners right for continuous races) etc.
    if you end up only having basic betting methods like win, place, reverse forecasts, etc. the game will be far less appealing due to its lack of interesting ways to bet.
  3. for thriving purposes, it’s better to have more horses in a race to bet with. like 16+ horses at once.
  4. there is no escape for various jackpots in order to excite players.

for keno, i strongly suggest having it a passive event like drawing once per 5 minutes. during a certain period, you should be able to place bets as tickets and receive the results. no escape for jackpots either, just like lotteries. on the other hand, various odd tables should be made to fulfil players’ risk preferences.

for roulette, i have already mentioned in here. i swear only having one variant will be like playing roulette all the time in the same way and becomes boring over time.

for bingo, i know that most likely the US variants will be used. however, winning patterns based on fun shapes will be better. like horse racing and keno, a jackpot is needed. A bingo event can be created where a bonus amount of dividends is added to the stake.

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