Casino Optimization (internal)



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  • Optimize casino reels
  • Optimize casino draw calls
  • Show spin to win odds on wall
kat being a not smart person

This is interesting and very unexpected.

Begs the question though, would triple diamonds and GQ get this treatment?

edit: I am silly. Wrong wheel :slight_smile: Still unexpected. And cool.


Here’s hoping.

Spin to Win, not Wheel of Money. Spin to Win is the items wheel.


Oh, didn’t notice he left WoM off there. Don’t know about him but I legitimately was talking about StW. Im hoping that maybe since they’re giving us the StW odds, that maybe we’ll finally get the odds for everything else. I mean, even EA gives the odds for their loot boxes. I refuse to let EA be a more transparent company than Pixeltail. I mean, sure, EA was forced, by law, to do it, but still. The odds are still there.

Don’t you have to pay real money for EA loot boxes? I don’t think it’s fair to compare Pixeltail to EA based on that lol.


Nah, I mixed up my wheels. It’d be pretty neat to see all of the slot machines get odds, but as far as I’m aware the legality of hiding the odds is only in question when the boxes require real money to open? Not a lawyer though.

Seeing the WoM jackpot odds being ~.0001% of spins would be fun though.

Yes, you do pay real money but that has nothing to do with my point. EA discloses their odds, while Pixeltail doesn’t. In fact, since you don’t use real money for the casino, it should matter way less than it does for loot boxes, since nothing is truly at stake anyway. EA, at least, had an ok reason for not wanting to disclose their odds. Pixeltail, on the other hand, really has no good reason for not disclosing the odds.



Legit question. How would disclosing the odds affect that? From what I’ve seen on here, it seems to already be a problem anyway.

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