Casino Idea/ Item suggestions

I was thinking about a few Casino ideas and wanted to share them here, seeing the casino phase 2 is next to be updated (as see on Trello). I apologize if this post wasn’t appropriate to create. I was thinking about adding it to the “Yet Another Casino Suggestions Thread”, but that was more about games and this is more about items/ objects and such. I can take it down or move it if need be.

I think it would be cool to add a gift shop to the casino that sells over priced tourist trinkets and gifts. It could just be a small corner store that would just sell casino themed condo items, wearables, and throwables.

Some items could be:

  • Poker chips and decks of cards for condos
  • Grand Quest Cat Plush
  • Small toy slot machines that shoot out plastic coins/gems when interacted with
  • Snow globe of the casino or slot machine that snow gold flakes
  • Postcards/posters that have art of the casino, the slot machines, spin to win, etc.
  • horse race track toy
  • shot or martini glasses that have the casino logo or 777, maybe all diamonds, wheel of money, etc.

Some wearables could be

  • Hats with the casino logo or slot, or card game logo. Horse race track hat (like Christmas train hat)
  • Fancy casino watches or cufflinks
  • Dollar sign shutter shades that could be both green and gold, or something like the “palm tree glasses” but they are cards on the side
  • Poker chip or playing card falling particles
  • Fancy ties/bow ties with money, gold coins, casino logos or slots stuff
  • A duffle bag fully of money… lol that one is silly, but it could be like you heisted the casino

Some Throwables could be

  • Poker cards, poker chips, dice
  • Maybe a money gun

I know a casino store is very unlikely to happen, but I thought it would be a fun idea. Maybe a lot of theses items can just be added when then update goes out. If you have any ideas shout them out, its nice to hear other’s ideas!