Casino Highscore


I would like to suggest a modification of the casino leaderboard.
Currently, the ranking shows the players having the most farm (accumulated winnings) at the casino.

I propose to add leaderboard of the biggest gain (unique) on a machine.

My english is probably approximate, so i hope my words are clear. (Thanks google translate ^^)

I like this idea, but it should be seperate from the total gain leaderboard.

This means the most units from a single pull/spin/jackpot ( i assume.), such as the most units gained from a single Jackpot.


Exactly !
One leaderboard for the total gain and one leaderboard for the most units gained from single jackpot.


This was how I first read the leaderboards, until I saw the Grand Quest ones. I completely agree that it should be the most units from a single jackpot.

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