Casino currency

I don’t know if someone talk about it but, there is already a second currency in the casino, the “Credits” on the slot machine = 15units.
I don’t really understand why there is two currency if everything is directly based on the units.
It can be more realistic that you can buy “Credits” at the entrance of the casino, play all the way with it, and cash out when you leave.
What do you think?

This is already being planned, I’d check up on other posts before making your own

credits isn’t even really a second currency, it’s just a nicer way to format things so you can still keep their worth but say smaller numbers.
etc 450,000 units = 30000 credits.
i’m trying to figure out how i can describe this well. it just seems more ideal? it’s kinda like credits are just a different way to format units. like how units of measurement are already.

kinda how real life poker chips just let you say bigger numbers but with less of the actual physical money?

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