Casino Advice

The Wheel of Money is rigged, after switching to the Triple Diamond I hit the jackpot twice within a few hours. You won’t gain money at a rapid rate like Wheel of Money, but if you got time to kill getting the Jackpot is essentially guaranteed. Remember not to touch a machine unless it starts at over 15,000 for a payout and if needed server hop until you find one.


Singapore 1 Server

Frankfurt 1 Server

(If you’re just not having any luck at all switch to playing virus for a few hours and then come back)

You’re playing on a slot machine, in a casino. Of course it’s rigged.

You can also get a few thousand units from winning a round of laser tag.


idk man I won a 16mil wom jackpot yesterday


2 jackpots in a few hours? I’ve sat at these machines for collective days and got nothing out of any of em. You lucky a-hole


Any chance this was on the Singapore 1 server? I know one of the wheels was getting to around there.

Singapore 3 :slight_smile:

I don’t know what it is about the Singapore servers but it seems like they’re always loaded. Anyway congratulations, you’ve obviously had a lot more luck than me with the wheel of money!

I’ve been on it for a week straight so i’m finally freeeeeee

I think I’m actually going to give it another shot, I found a machine that has 670k on it. Basically if I win it I’ll never have to worry about money again for this game.

good luck!

Unless you buy the underwater condo. Then your units will drop steeply.

So untrue. I’ve jumped on so many Triple D slots, that have been 30k+ and spent over 8 hours and still haven’t won. All you experienced there was some good RNG. Grand Quest, on the other hand is guaranteed to give you the Jackpot after 2 hours at the most.


Yeah, I’m on the Dallas server, and literally just watched it land on the jackpot, stop, and move over to the 200 spot. I say rigged, as well. ><’