Cardboard cutout of Zak

ik this is probably suggested but i think if more people suggest it that it will happen
i think we should make a cardboard cutout of @Zak (other people would like all of them but im fine with just zak) so how about we just make one of him? even if its 500k units i would buy it O_O


[size=4] — [/size]


XD i will probably delete this topic if i can and if i cant i will probably change it

It is ok, you can keep it up, you ninja’d me to the topic anyways.

ik i am joking alot with some of this zak items stuff but i do feel like all the devs should have at least 1 item that has a name or picture of them in it or something

Let’s make him replace the obama cutout, and have quotes when you activate him to take use of that useless speaker on the back!