Capture the Flag I/O

With the Condo I/O phase 2 introducing a lot of great stuff, I decided to start working on a PVP Capture the Flag map in Condo!

Obviously, I needed to actually implement CTF mechanics into my map. So that I did.

Here is what it looks like under the I/O hood:

On the map are two hockey pucks, red and blue, which represent each teams “flag”:

The goal for each team is to take the other team’s flag and to throw it into the capture portal:

To the left and right of the capture portal are scoreboards. The game ends when one team is the first to score 3 points.

In this screenshot, Blue team has 2 points and Red team only has 1:

Here is a short demo of the mechanic:

There still are some things I have to work on, like making it so you can’t score when you’re flag is away, but for now this is a pretty good system!


Great CTF concept… with no round timer, and played with three captures only…

Did I just see a video on YouTube somewhere else?

(Yes yes, my fellow dragon. Our Mann Co. mercenary Uncle Dane did mentions it in his video.)

Woah, pretty cool! Cant wait to see it with an arena and all.

Here is showcase of a more complete version of this map:
Entrenched - Halo Inspired Capture the Flag map with I/O (v1.0)

Goop this is amazing! Exciting to see it hosted in action sometime!