Canvases and Nearest Interpolation

Currenty canvases are rendered using bilinear interpolation, this is where the pixels are blurred to make it “smoother” however the blur effect becomes more noticeable when up-close to canvases and on the edges of a cutout PNG. This becomes a problem when you want to counter the blurry aspect, requiring you to upscale the image 3x or even sometimes 10x the original resolution, which can pack on a bigger image file, resulting in longer load times for players joining.


My suggestion is to change how all canvas items are rendered, to nearest interpolation so the original resolution of the image is left intact and crisp. If players wanted to reduce the pixel count, they can still upscale it, however for those who are bothered by the blurry nature of bilinear may not feel the need to do so. And for those whom use pixel textures, would not need to upscale the original textures 10x - 30x the original scale just so it’s not a blurry mess.