Canvas with WebP Support Suggestion

WebP support for image canvas/canvases.


  1. Condo Optimization for faster load in.

  2. 1528% Size Savings Over Original PNG, 632% Savings over 100% Quality JPG, 187% Savings over reduced size 80% Quality JPG.

  3. Resolution is the same as original with 80 Compression. While looking sharper and more defined than a optimized JPG.

  4. Useful for those with slower internet connections.

Sizes in question 632x887 (PNG 1.19MB) vs 550x783 (Optimized JPG 146KB) vs 632x887 (WebP 77.9KB)

Cons: None that I’m aware of. The image in question will already show on TVs.
Potentially increased CPU Usage on load in. But may be a non factor given what this is targeting.

I would like this too, but unfortunately the engine does not natively support WebP image loading. We rely on Unreal’s Image Wrapper for reading image data, which only supports the following formats: BMP, JPEG (both colored and grayscale), PNG, ICO, ICNS, and EXR. We only accept BMP, JPEG, and PNG because these are all we really need from that selection.

The only way for WebP support to happen is by us hacking in some WebP decoder, or finding an affordable engine plugin that adds such decoding capability.

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Thanks for the informative response. It appears there exist a plugin for WebP on UE5, Idk if Epic will let you carry over Towers special UE4 license to 5 with a migration which seems possible. If a plugin does exist and isn’t free I would definitely push to make it a reality.

If WebP Ever does become supported on canvases I’ll have my files ready to go just in case.

Is there that much of an improvement between UE4 and 5 to justify a migration? Even updating UE4 gave Pixeltail lots of trouble.


Another thing, I don’t think games typically migrate to entirely new engines…like, ever. Like the only time that usually happens is if it’s mid development and there’s a catastrophic technical roadblock. It’s kind of amazing TU already did the jumps in versions within UE4 that it did.

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I know Fortnite is migrating to UE5 but that hardly counts since that’s made by Epic.

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