Canvas Showcase! :D

Hey guys, So Idk about anyone else but I was having many problems with the sizing of the images I uploaded to some of the canvases so I decided to use my Graphic Skills to take them into photoshop and slice them up to create a collage of canvases for some bigger paintings than 1 canvas originally allowed in my condo (at the right size and proportion!) and figured I’d show them off to you guys here :smile: enjoy!


nice, I wish I could do that but I don’t have photoshop and I don’t feel like downloading gimp

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If you want to send me a couple links to the pictures or upload them here I could do them for ya! I’m thinking about just doing random pictures and having a collection of albums on imgur for anyone to use :smiley:

Already told you in the chat, but this is actually pretty neat! I think it will look even better when the wood canvas come out. :smile:

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creativity to the fullest! nice work , Reminds me of Yoville/Yoworld whiteboard art I use to paint.

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