Canvas Props/Prop movement

Could we get more canvas props? We have some basic shapes for canvas, but if we could build with irregular shapes (octagon, outline circle, etc.).

In props selection, we have DVD cases and record labels. I would like/suggest to have is books or CD cases.
When we no-clip while we are moving props around the condo in the detailed mode (movement/rotation/size), the camera gets locked in place and it gets to be an issue moving props around. In order to make this not an issue could you remove the camera from being locked?

the camera is locked because it’s the same as holding tab or q, if it wasn’t locked it’d be really annoying to move any items around precisely.

they should at least make the camera togglable because it’s annoying to me that it’s locked. It needs to move freely like it’s a 3D model software or Halo Forge.

I think the camera could work like how golf’s camera does when your ball is still, where it’s normally stuck in one spot but if you hold right click you can move your camera.