Canvas mess!

So this has happened a couple times to me.
I’m just in my condo and have all my canvses of stuff everywhere, I leave my condo and come back to refresh a canvas, then most of the canvases that I have, have either copied the link from another canvas in my condo (which would be technically erasing the pic I had there previously) or, it was swapped exact locations with another canvas. (The reason why I don’t have pictures is because though so I can’t show it.)

how does it happen anyways?

I’m updating this topic, as it also just happened to me.

I was building in Smooth Dirt, regularly saving after each layer of my statue was done :

Two days ago, I built 7 layers straight without saving (I saved once, when I was about to leave the condo)
When I loaded the condo the next day, my building was messed up ( interesingly enough, the 7 layers that I’ve built the day before were left intact) :

So I tried to clean up a small part to see if it would do it again upon saving :

And it did it again, even more scattered to the already scattered parts :

Now, the glitch ceases to happen after the second time I save and reload during the same condo session.
The first save is always messy.


Can you upload and PM me your Condo.dat file?

Also, everytime I rejoin in my condo, it loads another snapshot than the one it was when I last quit my condo.

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I always try to make multiple saves when I reach a certain point so it doesn’t fuck me completely.
also dude, your statue looks freaking sick. who is it supposed to be? :smiley:

Yeah, this happened to me. I made a bunch of canvases ages ago, then later on I added more, got off, came back online later to notice the very old canvases to be messed up, but the newer ones were intact. It appears to mainly happen only when we leave and come back to the condo. (Or something like that)

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This is a nasty one, this latest update (3.4.0) has a small change that I’m hoping reduces the likelihood of this happening. Please post if it continues to happen.

And also for reference, the issue is when the condo is saved, not loaded, so unfortunately snapshots that were saved wrong won’t be fixed.

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