Canvas material support for furniture

Something I’ve wanted for a while is a way to further customize the furniture by having canvas support for them (as in, built-in materials and urls). I think it’d be a really great way to make the furniture more suitable for different styles and themes while not having to make as much new furniture to accomodate for that.

While some materials may not be useful at all for furniture (unless you want a flesh table?) I think it would be really fun to experiment with different wood/metal types on furniture, or for example being able to replace flat textures like the tabletops on the dining table 3(?) with a wood plank texture. Also being able to use any texture on furniture would lead to some funny results, I think.

Being able to add a custom design to seat cushions and beds would be a fun addition too. It’d be nice to see a few fabric pattern materials added to the game as well, if that happens.

If this happens, I’d also like if any furniture items with multiple colorable parts could also have multiple canvas materials applied to them. It’d make them infinitely more customizable which is always a good thing imo.

tldr: canvas support for furniture items would be a great way to make them more customizable and suitable for a variety of themed builds

ps. I understand that if canvas support was added to every single furniture item, that would probably take an absurd amount of time to do. because of this i will singlehandedly add canvas support to all of them for the devs if given the opportunity to do so

Something like the Material Tool in Garry’s Mod would be nice.