Canvas Items Resolution Specifics

I’m here to suggest you guys look into canvases and the other items that allow images. As of right now the capability to increase the size, shape, and type of the canvas is great. But things like DVDs, Mousepad, and Body Pillow. It’s incredibly hard to find photos to fit those perfectly. So perhaps putting the specific constraints for each canvas type item would help. Or an ingame way to modify the picture to fit more snugly inside the frame of any canvas that’s put up. If there’s already something in the works, or a way please let me know!

Purely Informational, all canvases have a aspect ratio of 1:1.

This meaby can help you Canvas Megathread: how make perfect canvas using templates

It would be very helpful if you guys could supply players with the proper templates for some of these canvas items, especially the DVD cover and body pillow. As of right now, people have to follow unofficial templates made by other players, and they’re not fully accurate.

Krionikal made a official template.

With a PSD:

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Ah that will be useful, thanks.

My tenplate is 100% accurate. I use uv check texture for make it perfect.

I tried your body pillow template and it cuts off a little bit off the height (and maybe width) although it isn’t very noticeable.

About the pillow. Is because the template area is just for the render area of the pillow. If you want to make it look good. You neet to make the image a bit small.

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I must try out the body pillow one, It’ll get pretty funny making them :blush:

spent far too much time making odd items and textures in something called second life… So I have lots of stupid experience. :new_moon_with_face:

why not make the picture stretch instead of just cutting it, you can stretch the canvas already to make the image not look stretched