Canvas improvements (greatly helps optimizing condos as well)

I know that item size scaling tool is coming in a foreseeable future so I’d like to suggest something that could greatly improve performance of the condos.

This suggestion is an under assumption that you would only be able to scale it uniformly.

Improvement Suggestions

  1. Items can be resized by three scaling factors: width, height, and depth. Players can also check on an option to group them together so they scale nicely.

  2. Texture in canvas objects sizing like above, without actually affecting the model.

  3. Texture in canvas objects can also be repeated (using vertex arrays, for example) in the same canvases based on the size specified in #2.

  4. If you REALLY wish to even expand this idea further, as expression system for item customization is coming for laser projectors, you can also implement that feature to canvas objects to alternative multiple textures in a custom pattern. The expression only has to be ran once when the mesh is being painted for the first time on the client so it shouldn’t take much performances.

Anybody should be able to see that this will greatly improve the performance of condos using the same canvas objects over and over to just build a wall, or anything really, when it could have been done with one object. This way, complex solutions such as mesh generation based on grouping multiple dynamic objects to improve performance shouldn’t be necessary.

A minor concern would be that this may have an impact on the TU’s community economy as many people invested a lot of time to earn a lot of units to build great large-scale projects (Umbra’s or Aerie’s to name a few). To reward such players, on top of the basic canvas objects we have, a new dynamic canvas object (basically a more advanced canvas objects) with the features listed above could be added and sold at a higher price.

Pretty sure most of these are planned, you guys should look at the trello before you suggest

I did. None of the suggestions I made are stated in the entries I found on Trello.

All it says is the items could be scaled, which is why I said “under assumption that you would only be able to scale it uniformly” and suggested #1.

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Not all of the features planned are on the trello

… Yes, but you directed us to go look at the Trello before you suggest and I just confirmed that I, in fact, did check on the Trello before suggesting it.


I’m sorry that your didn’t understand what I meant. I meant that you should look at the trello for later posts.

“Pretty sure most of these are planned, you guys should look at the trello before you suggest
I find it hard how that means “you should look at the trello for later posts.” but I won’t press on it further.

There is no way of us knowing that suggestions you would like to make is planned when they were not mentioned in the forums or Trello, so it’s better to suggest them rather than assuming that it may come in the future.

Yeah fair enough. Sorry for being a dingus and wording my sentences terribly.