Canvas Images 18+ Rules?

So I have a condo with some canvas’s with some… well you can guess what in them :wink: :3 , is this allowed or like does it go against the rules.

Personally I don’t have a problem with what people have in their canvas’s, aslong as it isn’t something illegal ofc.

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As far as I can tell, there won’t be any rules regarding canvases (and if there are they probably won’t be strict). Rules would probably be on a server basis, so when that gets going just check the server’s rules. As far as explicit content goes, there will be a notification implemented later that will prompt players entering that there are custom images in the condo. Following this will be a question asking if this is OK and the images can display or if the player would rather not risk seeing questionable content at which point the canvases will display default images to that player.


Condo’s, as far as I know, aren’t necessarily hosted on main servers, they are instanced. Meaning they don’t really take on the rules of the server that you are playing on. (This is sort of foggy because we do not have a Server Architecture Plan/Document yet)

When you start using canvas’s, ANY canvas of ANY image, depending on the incoming players’ parental control options (or by default?), a notice will appear and say “This user is using canvas’s. Canvas’s download pictures from the internet and may be Explicit and/or Offensive.” Then it’ll prompt the user:

  • Enter at your own risk
  • Enter, but replace the Canvas’s with stock images
  • Back out all together

This way, you can have your condo how YOU want to have it, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to come in. If they come in after that warning, and they start complaining, they brought that among themselves.

So yes, don’t be afraid to plaster that wall with Dicks everywhere!


haha thank you :slight_smile:

I think it’s like that Online Interactions Not Rated ESRB

But I do think the first time you open the game, there should be a prompt with two buttons to click if you are over or under 18. The ladder will disable things like canvases.

If think they should add to Canvas menu “+18?” option.

If player selects no then canvas will replace to +18 sticker or random picture of adorable cats :>

I like the at the start you should have to choose if you are 18 or not. (most will lie anyway)
Even then some adults might not want to see 18+ porn canvas.

The enter at your own risk is the best one I have heard yet.
I am sure the devs will think of something.

In full support of this feature anyway.


Yeah the basic idea is we will have parental controls to turn off canvases. It just replaces the canvas images with stock images we made.

Condos are literally your home and you have complete say in what it’s contents are.

If you join a condo for the first time, it’ll prompt you with a nice little greeting card that:

  • Tells you if there are active canvases.

In the prompt you can either choose:

  • I want to load the canvases
  • I don’t want to load the canvases (which replaces the images with stock images)

The prompt will also ask if you want to remember this setting forever for this specific condo.


Cats… right?



[quote=“macdguy, post:9, topic:2363, full:true”]
It just replaces the canvas images with stock images we made.

[/quote] can we get pictures of puppys also? : D
or maybe just a picutre of a duck! XD

NO :<

Only cats.

Cats are life. Cats are love

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well at least we might get KITTY POSTERS!!! YAY : D