Canvas HOLLOW cone with divided sections

I made this suggestion on the Steam forums with my other suggestion and I decided to make sure they are posted on the official TU forums as well as an official suggestion.
This item is not the same as the previous suggestion and involves a cone that is Hollow in shape being able to be divided into sections so that you can use the section that best suits your needs or use it in conjunction with the other pieces of the cone.

The application I would most likely use this for and wanted it for was making it easier to make aircraft fuselages instead of fighting the TUBE section pieces that DO NOT Angle out as you want to make something wider that is cylindrical and longer.

For this reason here is my suggestion.

A B C D and are sections of hollowed cone longer and longer but the CAP of the cone on them… Our current CONE IS NOT HOLLOW… This makes its applications limited.

1 2 3 4 5 are each their own section you can use as needed an example would be.
You make the rear section then you want a Door then you want to continue forward with the forward section so you would use for example Section B or C for that rear compartment Skip the D section portion and use a 5. leaving the skipped section open for use to close in the with Windows and a door and use Tube sections

OR POSSIBLY EVEN 1/4 1/2 1/3 sectons of say… a 4 to leave a window cut out and door cut out without disturbing the Cone like shape of the hull of the vehicle with the use of TUBE Straight pieces that wont go with the curve of the tube properly.

Sections 6 7 8 are simply the widest sections of cone Stacked to make a taller and taller hollow cone with no cap on its end to allow things in through its entry or exit points. So instead of (A.) you could use 8. which would remove the cap of the cone allowing through access of the hollowed out cone. Then you could choose to use 7 if it the hole wasnt wide enough or even 6. with the widest bottom of the cone and even larger through entry.