Canvas Elbow 4 piece made item to 1 item with an Aperature setting

So I have an idea and I mentioned it on the Steam Forums as a suggestion for a new quite Useful Canvas Shape Item. Essentially the meeting of 4 Canvas Elbows which is quite difficult and takes alot of time to focus and get right and it doesnt really match ends. So I suggest making this item with a single piece and allow the hole in the top to have an Aperture setting to open and close it as needed for use.

I made a rough sketch up of it in Gimp one showing it from the side with transparency and one with out with a top view shown and colored rings to simulate the various setting of the holes closure.

This way we can make Aircraft Cowlings much easier UFO tops much Easier. Sinks with drain tubes much easier and basically anything with a bowl shape that has a hole in it. Just as a few examples of what one might use them for.

Vice Versa I saw Goop Goop had made a similar suggestion regarding the same 4 peice of pipe elbow but it was INVERTED this one is much different facing out and not in with an Aperture setting to open and close the top in further and further as needed.