Canvas censorship system (CCS)


Okay this is a daydream that i keep thinking of, so its a canvas cencor system for TU so people who really don’t wanna see some “questionable anime” in condo basements, now before you pick up the pitchforks you can disable this for people with “questionable tastes” to enjoy, so how does it work, it works either as a machine in the plaza and/or a menu item (which cannot be used if you enable the parental controls, because it will also show nudity and other questionable stuff) it would show a random canvas image to “verify” if its safe or not, people who verify it can choose one of the following (safe, neutral, harmful) and get a fair unit reward afterwards, after 5-10 safe ratings the canvas will be “Truly verified” and then deemed safe to use, in order to avoid people farming it for units or people who want to mess the system a 30 second timer is put, the more correct verifications a person makes and the person may recieve faster or maybe even removed timer and more units in order to motivate people and if a person gets it wrong multiple times (either intentional or unintentionally) he/she will be downgraded to a minute timer, also to be safe a admin will review all of it one a month (or a week for optimum results) unverified canvasses will remain censored until it will be verified.

Now this system will not be perfect obviously (i mean its just a daydream i once thinked about in a shower) so any suggestions will be appreciated


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is necessary.

We have an extensive parental control system for Canvases.

There’s three modes:

  • Blacklist - Allows everything that is not blocked (you can block entire websites)
  • Whitelist - Allows nothing except for what is on the list (you can show only trusted websites)
  • Trusted Only - Allows everything, if you trust the player. This is a very good choice if you want to visit other Condos. It’ll display all canvases as pending, then show a prompt to let you decide. If you don’t like what you see, you can then turn it off.

We designed these controls around the fact that canvas URLs can change. You can’t rely on images being the same URLs, so there is no point tracking them.

We also designed it so it can be controlled by the user, not us. We don’t want to sit and decide what is an acceptable image or not, Condo’s aren’t our servers.


Well said @macdguy


Ok but what do you mean by we? Did you mean the devs because i meant users to do it again a fair unit reward for doing so, if you meant all of us then ok, it might be too complicated anyways