Canvas and paint brush (use for advance condo tools)

So for those who like to build big projects by using canvases, building blocks, or anything else depending of your imagination.

  • You will have to add a colour or URL by right-clicking on the item.
  • Select edit look.
  • Select what colour or copy paste that url. in and save.

Now do that to the other 449 items since you want it the same as the one before… now that sounds boring…
How to prevent dying of boredom? Well…

A canvas/paint brush that eliminate all the actions you had to do above, and paint the items faster.

Now behold my shitty skills using Microsoft paint to show how the setting and the model might look like.

This is how the model looks when it is equipped, white and nothing on.
If you want a canvas or a paint, hold R down

When holding R down this menu will pop up and disappear when letting go of the R key again.

Here is your option to select if you want a paint or a url to a canvas.

If you want a paint just click on that icon (duh) and the colour menu will show up.

When you select the colour (in this case we select blue) you save and close. Now the brush will look like this.

Now you can paint everything blue as you like (or all the items that is colourable of course.)

The same goes for Canvas

you hold R and click on the canvas icon, and this menu will show up.

insert the url you want on and after the brush will have the image you want (here it is just canvas not set)

Now you add the images/textures on the canvases you want.

This will save a lot of time and could really benefit for later use too.


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This seems really neat. If there can also be presets for the brush, that’d be even better.

Though, wouldn’t the ability to select multiple canvases in your condo and replace them all at once do the same thing?

I wish I could vote this up more than once.

Can’t wait to draw Mona Lisa in my condo, just kidding. We would all just draw a bunch of smilies, but I really like the idea.

I had to set like 30-40ish canvas blocks to make a small one-room theater and I was annoyed having to set the brightness and url of every one individually, I can’t imagine making something bigger. Total support here for something to mass-set canvas item properties haha

Would be really cool if we could connect drawing/design tablets to this.