Canvaes hosted on Dropbox "fail to load" under some circumstances

I can also say the canvas did indeed load fine because my cutouts gained the alpha channel from the picture but still said “Failed to Load”. I have to edit the canvas and just hit enter on the URL bar to reload it and then it shows up fine.

Also, all of my pictures that seem to “fail” to load are all hosted on Dropbox. Pictures hosted from other sources seem to load fine.

I have about 85 canvases in my condo. I can confirm this also happens to people who visit my condo with the same dropbox-hosted images, but none of the other ones. I have images from several sources in my condo and Dropbox is the only one that gives me trouble. I could try moving them to a different host but I don’t know where I could put them.

I believe you need to edit the Dropbox URL in order to change it to the raw image. I may be wrong, but I believe you just need to change the dl=0 at the end to raw=1 (or something along those lines, anyways).

Just changing dl=0 to dl=1 will make it work

I’m using the public link on the images to link to them. I don’t need to use the dl=1 that way since they do work if I just use the same link. Its only when loading them the first time that they fail.

Links like this one

Are you making sure that you’re using the share link?

Find a photo and hit Share

Then press “Copy Link”

Then copy it, and before you submit it into the canvas, change the very last digit. <= This number.

I’m using this one.

I have an older Dropbox account which has the Public folder.

That should still work. If you have Sharex or something, or if you use imgur that might solve your problem

Interestingly, it’s only canvases I’ve added to my condo recently. The first bunch I put up all load fine and they’re from Dropbox as well. That’s why I’m thinking its some sort of bug, because it seems to be based on the order I placed them as well as where they’re from.

No no, guys. Take a DropBox image link (what you get with copying the link) and do this to it:
Remove dl=0 and insert raw=1. This will make the image load on a canvas and automatically on the forums, too.

After turning my graphics options down, all of my canvases load fine. It seems to be related to texture memory, which explains why they mostly load correctly but fail later.

Yeah, sounds like you’re running out of VRAM.

Which is odd, because I can go around and set them again and they’ll load fine. It only happens if it tries loading my canvases while the rest of my condo is still loading. It also only affects .png files, .jpgs don’t seem to ever fail.

Which canvases load properly seems to depend on whether or not I move while the condo is loading. If I don’t move, its always the same canvases that fail to load. If I move, it changes which one fail on me.

For a fact, if I sit still, I have one canvas that loads fine, then after a few seconds, promptly unloads and displays 'CANVAS FAILED TO LOAD" in its place. When I set the picture again, the canvas re-gains the picture’s alpha channel for a bit before displaying the picture once again.

If you use a lot of high resolution canvases, it’ll kinda break the texture streaming system of Unreal as it has no idea what is priority. Canvases, at the moment, don’t have mipmaps generated for them or any sort of texture streaming parameters applied so they’re top priority in terms of what the engine wants to manage on the GPU’s VRAM.

However, Unreal is set by default to not use full VRAM, which is something we’re looking into adding as a setting. Zak had a card that has 8GB VRAM and the texture streaming system actually lowered his FPS because it was loading and unloading textures, when in reality the GPU could just leave them be on the 8GB VRAM.


Thanks for the explanation! So I can assume that canvases will likely be more streamlined in future releases?

Yeah, we’re looking into improving VRAM usage and handling canvases better in the future. The feature is being used quite a bit now.

Glad to hear it! As someone who has nearly 100 canvases on a lower-end system, I appreciate it!