Can't Transfer My GMT account to Tower Unite

Hi there,
I’ve been trying several times to transfer my GMT account to the game but it seems like even thought I sign in with my steam account, it dosen’t let me go further beyond this point, and all I have left is to connect myself over and over to try to transfert my stuff.
Can I get some help please?

I’m not a dev nor did I have the same problem but maybe I can help you out. Is it possible that you played GMT on another account? Maybe an old account or an “alt” account of some sorts? If not than I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

Make sure the GMT account is the same one you are trying to transfer to.

I’m having the same problem. The accounts are definitely the same for me, its got my new steam name, profile picture and same steam ID.

it’s the same don’t worry

Is there any update on this?

This was fixed on Thursday, and should be working normally.

Oh yeah! My problem is fixed! :blush: thanks to you guys!

It worked! Thanks for fixing this issue guys, really appreciate it!