Can't Start Game

I already have the program Microsoft visual c++ 2015 but I don’t know the reason why It happen. I try to uninstall and install again many time but It can’t help me
How to fix “the following components are required to run this program microsoft visual c++ 2015 runtime”
Anyone can help me? T^T

You will also need DirectX 10-11 installed.
Atleast a broadband internet connection.
A dual core processor with a output of atleast 2,4 Ghz
4GB of ram
a graphics card that can handle DX10 or above, said gpu must also have atleast 2gb of VRAM
These specs are found on the steam shop page.

I’ll gladly explain this in further detail if you want me to.

You could try looking through this thread if you haven’t already; might help you fix your issue. Also, make sure you have the latest Windows update for your OS, since that may be causing issues as well.