Can't see/hear YouTube on media players

using Proton on Ubuntu LTS. The media is queued. The title shows. The progress bar and timer show. But the actual video and the audio are missing. Please advise.

Not whether it’s relevant, but I noticed I no longer get a promtp for DX10 or DX11 mode when launching.

Unfortunately this is something that has been an issue for us on Linux since Proton released. I yet to find a cause or solution since it happens so randomly and I found nothing in Proton logs. And multiple Proton versions including Proton 5 still hasn’t changed the problem.

Sometimes videos will play all night fine, then other times it crashes to black on the first video and only a restart of the game can bring it back. I noticed it appears to crash much less in the Plaza than in Condos, but still can happen.
I don’t have any help for you unfortunately, it’s something we’re all experiencing as far as i’m aware, couple others on Linux have mentioned the same issues to me. And it’s a problem outside of the developers help/priority, I don’t really know what could be done as a solution.

As for the DX10/11 popup, I still get it if I launch from the Steam Library.


From what i know the launch prompt not appearing depends on how the game is launched,

If it’s launched from the steam launcher it should open any input prompts that it needs to show before starting the game.

If you go directly to the .exe open that then it will open the game without showing any prompts, the same happens if you have made a shortcut to the .exe and are launching the game through that.

And if you make steam make a shortcut:
When steam makes shortcuts it makes a web browser link that launches an Internet Explorer extension which boots up the steam bootstrapper.
And the bootstrapper doesn’t make any prompts appear either.

All in all unless the game is launched through the steam library then it wont show you a prompt when starting.