Can't pickup items if you join mid-round (Accelerate)

I’ve tried this with a few servers now and it seems to be a reoccurring issue.

if you join a game of Accelerate mid-round you won’t be able to pickup any item boxes during the entire round. when the next round starts you are able to. it seems like you can only pickup item boxes once you start the round with everyone else, if you join late you won’t be able to for that round.


I’ve had the same issue as well multiple times. Everything else seems to work properly though.

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Had the same issue. It seems hit or miss, it happens half the time, but I noticed it happens less if I give my game a moment to finish loading before I roll forward from the start and grab my first item, so I think it had something to do with that possibly?

In a game with my friend, when she had this issue, on our screen spectating her she appeared to have an item behind her kart. It was the triple melons, but she couldn’t use it and didn’t have an item on her screen.