Can't join any games

Hi all, when a game goes to start it fails to connect as normal, but if I retry it says I need to join the main lobby to connect to the minigames, even if I reconnect to the main lobby and try manually connecting to the server it returns the same error. Occasionally it will give me the error saying ‘this slot is reserver for admins’

Any idea how I fix this? I’ve verified my game and everything is okay

In my experience, if I get a “failed to connect to server” error, immediately opening console and typing “retry” will get me in.

Yeah even if I do that it returns those errors. Either ‘you must join from the main lobby’ or ‘this slot is reserved for an admin’

That is strange. When I get this, I just copy the IP of the server and do "connect " and it always works. The IP of the server is printed into the console when you join the server, so you can easily copy it from there. To get this done even quicker (to have a higher chance of success), you should cancel the joining process when “Connecting to server…” takes longer than 3 seconds.