Can't access

Was going to check an old forum post on but it seems i can’t access it from my browser and home internet yet my phone works i only recently got this IP as just changed providers so not sure if it’s blacklisted

Fine on my end.

All i get is

Looks like a DNS Issue.

Try configuring your DNS to something like and see if that might fix it.

It did fix it but my internet seems to be slower is there a way to fix it without changing my dns to googles?

You could perhaps run this program to benchmark other DNS servers around you to get the fastest one.

Preferably i’d like to use my ISP’s DNS due to being Australian

Well, whatever ISP you were using, wasn’t resolving the domain name. You could always use their DNS as your primary, and have google’s as your fall back. That way, if there is something your ISP’s DNS won’t resolve, it’ll contact Google.

You can do this by putting your ISPs DNS as the Primary, and the ( one as your Alternate.

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That didn’t seem to work

Just out of curiosity, have you tried going to your Start Menu → Run → cmd.exe and typing in “ipconfig /flushdns”? That’ll clear your cache of DNS, and retrieve fresh results from your new DNS settings.

Didn’t solve my issue it works fine on my phone connected to my wifi

Heres the error from chrome IPV4 error: -105 (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) 2015-10-23 21:46:07.267 [Expired]

No other browsers on my pc work either for gmtower but my phone does

As I’ve said before, this is a DNS issue. What happens is, when your computer goes to a website, its asks the DNS Server, “Hey, what is “” ?”. The DNS server then responds with, in this case “” and then your Computer connects to that IP address, and you see the website. This is called “resolving”.

What’s happening is, on your computer, whatever DNS server you are using, isn’t coming up with a response when asked for “”. So changing your DNS server to something else will fix this.

The reason your Phone works, is because your phone is using a different DNS server. So, do some research, and find the fastest DNS server closest to you, and use that one. You already know this works because, while slow, the google DNS worked for you, and fixed your problem.

A visual example of how DNS works, can be seen here. I’m on Linux, so opening the Terminal and typing in “nslookup” returns: