Cannot use items in toolbar upon first spawn or after events end

As the title says, we cannot use the items in the toolbar most of the times upon the first spawn and right after events finish in the Plaza. To be able to use them again, you have to hit K to die and respawn. Nothing major, just a possible annoyance and frustration mostly for new players that do not know about that. They will simply think their stuff is no longer working.

Also, on first spawn when you join a server, your worn items also do not display until you respawn (and the jetpack doesn’t work too).

Edit: it’s been like that for as long as I can remember, not a new bug that came from the latest patches or engine upgrade.


I reported bug this earlier but u did add on the event games and a easier way that the user can fix the issue which i didn’t know about but i completely agree with you that this bug has been in the game since i bought it (Q2 2019) and that new players may not know how to fix it and so get annoyed at the game.

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