Cannot start game (Linux)

I cannot seem to start the Linux Version of Tower Unite and I have chosen the “linuxbeta” In the beta tab in the properties of the game. When I try to start it nothing happens and I did Verify the Integrity of the Game Files.

Are you sure you are using a Linux?

Have you tried running the game from the terminal and seeing what it outputs?

cd ".steam/steam/steamapps/common/Tower Unite/Tower/Binaries/Linux"

Of course check the directory, in case you have it installed elsewhere.

Considering you have to manually install Linux, I’m pretty sure he’d know.

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Not necessarily. For example on Amazon, I just checked the Notebook section and there are offers with Linux preinstalled.

But I agree, if someone can spell it (like, no user that says “I click this symbol to use the Internet!” when double clicking a webbrowser shortcut) and tell you they’re on Linux, I’d say the chance of them actually being on Linux is like, 99.9%.

What distribution are you using? Does Steam and other Steam games generally work without problems?

Ah, interesting. Didn’t know that.