Cannot play on VAC servers?

I recently had a problem where I can’t play on secured VAC servers. I went through the Valve support page and did everything it recommended, and I also went onto multiple forums and did things that people said would fix my issue. But nothing has worked so far. Help?

Do you have a VAC ban on your steam account, or is it this kind of issue?

Image taken from - [SOLVED] Vac error?

As far as I know I’m not VAC banned. And I’m not having that error. I’ll try and take a screenshot.

And i’m almost certain that the issue isn’t because windows isn’t activated.

Try resetting your steam.

Like shutting Steam off and turning it back on? I already did that.

Steam servers are under super heavy load right now because of the summer sale. I’d just keep trying every hour or two.

AuthSessionResponseVACCheckTimedOut occurs when your Steam Client cannot connected to Valve to check your status.

You might need to check your internet connection and see if there’s something blocking your connection to Steam.

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