Cancelled event

cancelled move on

  • Only Volume 7 part 2
  • All of volume 7
  • The good ones
  • I dont care.
  • only the ones after he announced he was leaving

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ok then why bother with the poll

Remember the event wont start

I am doing this not

Uhm, who’s silvagunner?
Seriously i have no idea who that is.

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not happening

SilvaGunner was a YouTube channel that uploaded high-quality video game rips every hour. These are basically “Bait and Switch” videos claiming to be normal video game songs. The channel has gained many subscribers and had a team of creators. SiIvaGunner is also best known for using The Flintstones theme in place of certain rips, referencing a Vinesauce meme created by Joel. Recently, the team announced that they would cease activity on the channel and that they would be posting their final “mashups” and rips.

You should check out the TV Tropes site for the channel to get more information. I hope this helped answer your question! :slight_smile:


He is actually on the threads,if you can find him.