Can you make it possible to delete the the inventory tab please?


Hi, to be honest I’m not a huge fan of this game, I really don’t play it often but I’m not this kind of person to refund the game because of that, if you could can you make it possible to delete the the inventory or
to remove my Items from my inventory would be very appreciated.


Unfortunately this is not a feature we currently support.


If you mean remove items from the list that shows every single furniture and wearable you have bought you are actually able to “remove” them by selling them and getting half of the units they cost back.


I don’t think even Steam supports this feature? You’d need to contact Steam Support if you wanted to do something like this. I don’t think refunding would clear the items either.


Maybe you can use Tower Express to sell all your items?


Selling all your items on the Tower Express would be your best option.


Steam do support this issue because I had the same problem with the game SNOW wich made an email adress where you send your steam account link and they delete your items. And to sell the items isnt working because there is some items I can’t sell like these golden plate things.


he basically HAS removed all his items, he’s stuck with exclusives left guys. I checked his inventory when he made the post, at the time he had only two items he could rid of. He still only has two items that are sellable.

Also dude if you don’t want to refund the game, but don’t play it. you don’t need to clear your inventory because of it. Or you could just actually refund it, do what you like really.


Why don’t they juste make the exclusive items removable? And if I refund the game I will still have my items. had the same issue with SNOW, when I deleted the game I still had my items.


what’s the problem with keeping the items?
just go through steam support


It’s ok I’ll try to ask the Steam Support to remove them.


The issue is with the exclusive items, it’s setup to give them only once. So if you come back after removing them, you will never get them again as our system is not designed to handle that.