Can you get banned for using instrument player

Can you get banned for using this tool? Its the program the Piano Player thread showcases and I would quite like to get it, but I just wanna know weather or not you can get banned for using it.

As long as it doesn’t mess with game files, you won’t get vac banned.
edit: What kind of program is it? Macros don’t get detected by vac

okay thanks :slight_smile:

I have a midi translator (Bome’s Midi Translator) that I use to play both my piano and launchpad.

It’s been almost a year in this game since I’ve used it and I haven’t gotten banned or kicked or suspended, none of that. I even used it to play slots without the annoying slapping of my spacebar.

Have no fear, as it should be a keyboard emulator - meaning it’s only external software, outside of the TU program.