Can we get new holiday items this year?

for halloween each year could we discontinue the old years items and get new ones?

pretty please, it was so much fun getting new items in 2k17



Please no I want the RC Sleigh, however Halloween 2018 kept 2017s items and had new ones.

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why not :frowning: it would add a bunch of new content to the mix, even if the items are retextures of other items, i would personally want a fresh set of items each year.

If the old items were discontinued, people would miss out on getting them and that isn’t fun for anyone.


I just hope we get some sort of event currency system in place rather than RNG garbage, and that previous year items will increase in value over time (but max out at like 2 years so like 4 year old items aren’t ridiculous)

I think that’s good just because it makes it seem more interesting to get items on their year of release, making it seem worthwhile to actually play the game.
Plus making it a shop is better for builders as they can still partake in events to get the currency to buy special props.


I agree 100 percent.

It wouldn’t suprise me if they decide to make the new holiday items as a Milestones set for each Holiday, hopefully less grindy.


Actual Christmas lights would be great instead of depending on the fence and fake canvases.

Not only is it not fun, but companies that do things like this in their games are downright manipulative. It’s an exploitation of human psychology known as Fear of Missing Out.


Woah there, just want new content, not to be bamboozeled by the illuminati lmao.

We do get new content every seasonal event? Last Halloween we got the Hell Portals and other stuff for example. Last Christmas we got the RC Sleigh and the Ice Rink/Ice Puck and other stuff.

I think people are confused because we already get stuff every season, it joins the loot table with the old stuff.