Can we expect a revival of the CondOS?

Found this while browsing for files to import into PAC 3 when I came across this. If I recall correctly, very early in the game’s development, there used to be a way to buy items from the shop straight from your condo (you couldn’t actually purchase anything, but it looked like it was still in development). Is that what this is? Or like I said in the title, is the CondOS gonna have a comeback?


I really hope CondoOS will have a comeback, it was a neat thing. Simply accessing condoOS’ features through a C menu is kinda boring tbh.


It would definitely be very good for immersion if done well. If everything stores had to offer was on them, too, more people would spend time in condos.

This won’t happen.

I believe they said that CondOS wont be coming back because of the menu (the one that allows you to change time and permissions)

I really loved the immersion that CondOS gave to the game. Some may know that in GMT, the CondOS was going to be available in several rooms, not just at your front door. If the CondOS panel comes back, it could be more accessible like that and I would extremely prefer it over the Condo menu.


CondOS’es could be sold at the electronics store to be placed anywhere in your condo.


Hopefully that happens.

Okay, so this thread was last active 7 years ago. And I know that people have asked for the return of this thing multiple times over now over the years. It’s just that I would still very much love to see this, since I don’t think I recall seeing a thread or even a response about this newer than 2020/2021. I’m sure a lot has changed since the last time anyone asked about this, so that’s why I’m hoping to revive this question just this one, last time. I really hope you guys don’t mind.

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