Can someone help?

I have a problem with my tower unite, when i attempt to open it on steam it does nothing, It says on steam that im playing it but nothing pops up even after about 10 minuites of waiting. I attempted to validate all files and i had none missing,
I have good enough specs
Windows 7 (64-bit)
i7 6700k
gigabyte z-170
GeForce GTX 970
8 GB of ram

Can someone help?

Open up your Task Manager and kill the program labeled Tower.

Also, Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe, if that’s running and doesn’t auto-close when you kill Tower.exe. Make sure you kill both in the “Processes” tab, not the “Applications” tab.

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Ive dont that it dosent work

I run on Windows 10 32 on a 660.
So… Try alt tabing?

Does not work, Any other ways?